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description in Tool Tip

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11 years 1 month ago #3480 by Apocalypso
description in Tool Tip was created by Apocalypso
Where is defined the content of the tooltip? Is it possible to include short desc?

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  • Lyr!C
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11 years 1 month ago #3482 by Lyr!C
Replied by Lyr!C on topic description in Tool Tip
I've created 2 topics for you, to be much more clear ;-)

About Desc Short in tooltip, it's possible, it will be add in themes pack in release 2.1.7 to come ;-)

You can do it by editing, for example with Default Theme Pack :

File : ROOT/components/com_icagenda/themes/packs/default/default_day.php

And adding $e

For example, replace this :
echo '<span class="text"><div><a href="'.$e['url'].'">&rsaquo; '.$e['title'].'</a></div><div>'.$e['city'].'</div></span><span class="clr"></span>';

By this :
echo '<span class="text"><div><a href="'.$e['url'].'">&rsaquo; '.$e['title'].'</a></div>';
				if ($e['city']) {
					echo '<div>'.$e['city'];
					echo '</div>';
				if ($e['place']) {
					echo '<div class="infotip">'.$e['place'].'</div>';
				if ($e['descShort']) {
					echo '<div class="infotip"><i>'.$e['descShort'].'</i></div>';
				echo '</span><span class="clr"></span>';

Or be patient, and wait for release 2.1.7 ;-)

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