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export categories and events from old web site and import in new site

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il y a 4 mois 3 jours #18453 par Lund
First the standard disclaimer, I am new to both Joomla and iCagenda, so I have probably missed something obvious.
I have a beta web site on a free host, and being also lazy, am searching for a way to export the categories and events from the beta site, and import them into the new production site. I have looked at the Parameters and Permissions iCagenda page and its tabs without finding anything obvious, so other than entering the details again, I'm wondering if I have to ftp json files from the free host to my machine, and then upload to the new site.
If there is an easy way to do this I will be delighted with your guidance.
Version 3.8.24  The currently installed Joomla! version is "‎5.0.2"‎

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il y a 3 mois 4 semaines #18456 par Lyr!C
First, welcome!

About your free host, do you have access to PHPAdmin to be able to export database tables?
As a way to export iCagenda data from one site to another is this one:
  • Having same version of iCagenda installed on both site (source site and destination site)
  • Export all tables from date starting with *yourprefix*_icagenda[...]
  • Import them in destination database
  • Transfert images/icagenda folder from source site to destination site.
  • If you have changed global options of iCagenda, so search for row with element "com_icagenda" in the source database *yourprefix"_extensions.
    Then copy/paste "params" column from source to destination same place.
  • Then, it should be ok for all data.
Hope this helps?

Best regards,

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