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11 Anni 1 Mese fa #3879 da davidzook
Customize Registration Page è stato creato da davidzook

I would like to customize the registration page. Right now it requires name and email with an option for phone number and number of tickets.

I would like to delete the email requirement and option for phone number. I would also like to change the word registration to RSVP and number of tickets to number of attending.

I know that modification are quite simple ... just need to know where to look in the template directory.

Would any be able to guide me along the way?


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11 Anni 1 Mese fa #3900 da Lyr!C
Risposta da Lyr!C al topic Customize Registration Page
In the future, i will add features and new options for registration...

Today, you need to edit the file registration.php (not in theme packs directory, but : ROOT/components/com_icagenda/views/tmpl/list/registration.php )

You can't removed email field, as needed to control user registration... (or try, but don't have made test if it is working with all my email control functions)

About telephone, had just a style="visibility: hidden" in the div for this field.

To edit text strings, you can use the joomla function for that ;-) :

Watch the last video about overrides languages in Joomla.

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