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Theme Packs and css in Module iC Event List

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Theme Packs and css in Module iC Event List è stato creato da
I created this new theme pack. It is a modified copy of the ic_rounded theme.
All works well except it does not show up in the eventlist module.
it does show in the iccalendar module and in when I create a menu item.

See different screenshots.

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11 Anni 1 Mese fa - 11 Anni 1 Mese fa #4092 da Lyr!C
Risposta da Lyr!C al topic Theme Packs and css in Module iC Event List
I've created a new topic for you B)

Yes, currently, iC Event List module is using layouts including directly in tmpl and css folder of the module.

It's planned to be able to add this file in the theme pack soon (but as i'm working on changes for Joomla 3 Theme pack compatibility, i will check this all in the month to come)

When the iC event list php and css files will be available in Pro Theme packs, it will be possible to include it in a personnal theme pack.
Currently, you can duplicate ic_rounded php and css files included in module iC Event list, and do the same by editing name, and content.
But you just will have to transfert these files via ftp to be able to view them in the list of theme for the module.

I'm not sure to have been clear in my explanations... Tell me if not! This could be useful for other users...

But for all : keep in mind that iCagenda v3 is in developpement, and in the next months to come, i will do improvements in theme packs (and will begin this summer a documentation, with tips and examples ;-), But informations too for user to keep their personal theme pack updated! (currently, only a change log in official theme pack, but when iCagenda developpement of new features more advanced, i will have more time to give information, and work on documentation! And... more pro purchases i've got, more time i can take for developpement! :) )

Latest version : iCagenda 3.9.5
We recommend every user to keep iCagenda updated.
Don't forget to have your Joomla!™ up-to-date!

Do you like iCagenda?
I would appreciate if you could take 5 minutes to post a review on JED (Joomla Extensions Directory) .

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