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[VIEWED] Error on event registration form allways ask for check Terms and conditions

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8 Anni 5 Mesi fa - 8 Anni 5 Mesi fa #11785 da lmatos
I have installed iCagenda™ PRO v 3.5.8 on Joomla! 3.4.

On my website i have enabled the registration option for a specific event to test, but i can´t finish de process of registration because de plataform is allways asking me to ckech the terms and conditions even if i disable it on the registration options and submit event also disable.

It seems thar the form dosen´t recognize if the option is checked ou not and allways assume that isn´t.

Please help me to solve the problem quickly.

thanks, Liliana Matos.
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8 Anni 5 Mesi fa #11863 da Lyr!C

Didn't see yout topic before, as posted in the wrong category...

First, why 3.5.8 ? The latest version is 3.5.14, so you should first be updated to be sure a bug is not already fixed ;-)

As you have a pro version, and you are updated, so please open a Pro Ticket Support for a faster and advanced support :cheer:

Best Regards,

Latest version : iCagenda 3.9.5
We recommend every user to keep iCagenda updated.
Don't forget to have your Joomla!™ up-to-date!

Do you like iCagenda?
I would appreciate if you could take 5 minutes to post a review on JED (Joomla Extensions Directory) .

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